Worlds Beyond Matter

 Texts by Eva Kroth

The following are reports of journeys of consciousness in worlds beyond matter – worlds in which the division between spirit and matter is suspended. Consciously or unconsciously, we all communicate with ethereal worlds.


About the Author

Eva Kroth began writing about her spiritual and mystical experiences many years ago. This work led to the books Power Meditation (exercises to activate internal and external energy, awaken the 8th Chakra, and dissolve fear), Sonne und Mond in uns (two simple spiritual exercises to activate our highest inner power sources), and 84 Essenzen (84 essences – paths of spiritual healing). In Das Tierbuch she documents the suffering of animals on Earth. These books have gone through several editions in German and are now out of print. Eva Kroth’s texts have been published on the Internet since 2012. She lives in Germany.


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